Starting to think about…

2 dancers

Before we die

Candy Chang’s art instillation

Creating choreography


Intension of performance


For the start of any performance/ dance project there is an element of research for potential creative exercises and challenges. Our stimuli for this project is Candy Chang’s art insulations. Her work is displayed to the public in city’s all over the world, asking the question ‘What would you like to do before you die?’

Firstly, I have looked at quotes and examples from the Before I die website ( and am asking questions about our work. How can we used similar ideas? How can we make it our own? What are we trying to say?

Before I Die is merely one of the most creative community projects ever.” —THE ATLANTIC

How can we impact the community? Do we have to impact the community? How can we include them in a dance context? Is there a level of audience participation?


“They’re the stuff of everyday life from people of all walks of life… Young or old, rich or poor, the Before I Die wall does make you think as you walk by.” —NBC WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS

Do all ideas have to be adventures/life changing? Are there a mix between big wants and small wants? How can we reflect this in movement? Age: Is age a factor? How can we use age?


“Death can inspire life.” —LIFE AND TIMES

Life is a roller coster. What are the life events in a individual? Or what are the stereotypical life events for an individual?


Areas to look at: Scores to be made out of:

Time – How much time you have? Timeline? Experimenting with different amounts of time?

Age – Life line? Age effect what is wanted? Does age bring out a a level of desperation in some people?

Content – What is written on these walls? How we can use this as a score?

Space – How can we relate time to space? Can we go into the community?

Community – What the community feel?

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